Not powering up with battery connected

If your battery is connected and switching your badge to ON doesn’t power it up, disconnect your battery, switch to ON and connect your battery again. Another option is to switch to ON, and connect briefly a powered USB-C cable to the connector, it will bootup and then you are free to disconnect the USB-C. If it doesn’t power up, then check the battery charge.

Can not flash new programs

If you have flashed something and looks like your badge is not being able to be reprogrammed, you could put it in boot loader mode. Follow the next steps:

  • Connect the gopher badge to your laptop with a USB cable. If using a phone or tablet, make sure OTG is enabled
  • Hold the BOOT button on the back, press the RST button and release both
  • After a few seconds,it will appear a new media storage RPI-RP2 on your laptop, phone or tablet. (Note: on Android, some file explorer doesn’t find this new media disk)
  • At this point your badge is ready to accept new code, drag&drop a .uf2 file or use the tinygo flash command.